Orchid (Foster Home Needed)


**Foster Home Needed**

F l 5Y l Boxer/Mastiff Mix l 65lbs l Medium-High Energy l Playful l Excitable l Best w Proper Intro l Very Loving/Affectionate w her Humans l  Reactive on Leash l Better w Small and/or Timid Dogs l Not Cat Social l Being fostered in Bailieboro

ORCHID is ready to wake you up and help you feel what love truly is. This loyal pup is looking for a furever home but we are also open to having her in a foster-to-adopt type situation with the right person. This means after going through an initial screening with our team and after being deemed a good fit for ORCHID, we will have her enter your home first as a foster with the intent to later adopt. Please note that we take this very seriously as breaking trust with ORCHID is not good for her continued success. ORCHID would enter your home and have about 2 weeks to settle in with guidance and basic supplies from our team. We would help you build your relationship appropriately to see if it was a good fit for the both of you! 

Now, about ORCHID. ORCHID was previously abused by humans and dogs and because of this has been working with our trainers to build confidence while at the same getting rid of the reactiveness she used as a defense mechanism to avoid torture. ORCHID is totally about getting rid of that baggage and has is working hard through her fears and nervousness!! Seriously though, the only harm she'll cause you is from wagging her tail too hard against your leg. ORCHID is an amazing dog -- full of love, loyalty, spunk, happiness and so forth when she is in a trusting relationship. ORCHID needs an experienced owner who is confident dealing with a strong and explosive dog. She gets SUPER excited and that big booty shakes so hard her tails wags may hurt your legs but it’s adorable to see her so happy. ORCHID is eager to please and her training will be ongoing, especially when it comes to leash reactivity. She just gets too excited and doesn’t know how to approach situations properly so she needs your guidance. Obedience and other fun training will keep ORCHID content and motivated and should be a daily activity. She’ll need to work on not getting too excited when strangers are around. She is very picky with other dogs and is not a dog park kinda girl. She goes well with smaller, non-reactive dogs and is capable of making new friends if it’s the right fit. She is likely not good with cats -- but who blames her! Those things are weird. ORCHID works well with the 8-year-old dog-friendly kid that lives at her foster home! If you'd like to FTA her please email foster@saveourscruff.org OR apply to adopt 

ORCHID's adoption fee will include 1 private training session with Complete K9 Care!