M | 10 Y | Chihuahua | California | Low energy | Low maintenance | Quirky and hilarious | Apartment dog | LOVES treats | Would be fine with small, chill dogs | Not cat tested | No young kids

Meet ODIE, the coolest little old man EVVAAAA! This sweet G (as in grandpa) is looking for a new forever home where he can nap, eat treats and get some sweet lovin’. ODIE is SUPER calm and VERY low maintenance. He doesn’t really care for any physical activity and is cool with straight bathroom breaks – 2 or 3 per day works for him. He’s learning to use pee pads in case you can’t take him out when nature calls, like the middle of the night, but ideally would like a home with someone around to let him out during the day. His fave activity is napping and he can be found doing this approximately 23 hours a day. He has a TON of life left in him though which is evident when you come home and he goes MENTAL for about 10 mins. He’s a little ball of energy with his tail going nuts as he smothers you with kisses and demands that you rub his bald little belly. Then he passes out again because being cute is exhausting. He can be a little grumpy if you try to snuggle him while he’s napping… WHO ISN’T … and may growl or nip. He’s good with other small dogs, especially chill AF seniors like him, and hasn’t been tested with cats. ODIE has had some work done on his chompers so wet food is best for him. He would be fine in a home with older children who don’t pester him. If you can give this sweet senior citizen a forever home fill out an application.