OAKLEY l 2Y l M l 42lbs l Shepherd/Collie Mix l Nassau l Low-Medium Energy l Likes to Run/Be Outdoors l Happy-Go-Lucky l Dog Social l Not Tested with Cats/Kids

Recent rescue from Nassau Bahamas, OAKLEY comes to us happy go lucky even though he comes from an abusive past. OAKLEY spent most of his life tied to a fence with a wire as his family used this as a form of discipline. Although a local rescuer was given permission to get him neutered and vaccinated, they would not listen to suggestion on proper care nor surrender him to her. One day, hearing odd noises coming from the direction of his house, Melissa went over and found that he had tried to jump the fence to escape and instead was left hanging as his leash got caught. Its safe to say he was never brought back there and no one has come asking for him since being rescued 6 weeks ago. He is now a part of SOS and is ready for his second chance.

OAKLEY is a gentle soul. He is settling in amazingly and enjoys the little things, like lying on the carpet. “IT’S JUST SO SOFT”. He’s very affectionate as this is something he lacked. He NEEDS ear scratches all the time (so he thinks) and will stick his head in the crook of your arm until you do just that. He still is timid as he was disciplined harshly but.. is very open to trusting relationship. He has low-medium energy level and is very chill BUT he LOVES being outside. For his 6 weeks of rescue in Nassau, he was able to run free for the first time. He essentially was a street dog and roamed the city whenever he pleased. He would love to have a large property to express this new joy since being freed from the fence. He does although, need a securely fenced area. Funny enough is he potty trained! He is very easy to please and is just content. He is very relaxed and has no signs of aggression what so ever and is very fearless. His leash work could use some help as he knows he’s outside but doesn’t understand why something is holding him back anymore. He would love to run with you although may be spastic as he figures it out. He gets along very well with other dogs, but is reserved at first so needs some warming up. He is very kid friendly, and is okay with cats. OAKLEY likes to jump up to say hi, and will give you all the hugs you need. If you want to provide OAKLEY with the second chance he deserves