F | 2 Y | Mixed breed | 20 lbs | Mexico | Low energy | Cuddle monster | Affectionate | Smart | Responding well to training | Needs work with other dogs | GREAT with kids | Curious/Nervous around Cats

Meet NUBE! This little Mexican lady is already stealing the hearts of everyone she meets. NUBE settled into her new life very nicely. She’s extremely quiet in the home and although whines a tiny bit when you leave her always settles quickly and is fine when left alone. She’s not destructive in the home and hasn’t gotten into anything she shouldn’t have. NUBE is low energy and is good with two 25 minute walks per day as well as a couple bathroom breaks. She is afraid of city noises and will pull like crazy to try to get back home to safety. But she does respond to gentle encouragements from her foster fam, like crouching down beside her to make her feel more comfortable. She sometimes barks at new things/sudden movements and actually has a radio on during the day when she's home alone to help buffer surprise sounds. She also sometimes is nervous around men with "threatening" postures (standing over her) but once they are more approachable to her she will jump in their lap for cuddles. NUBE is great with people – she’s extremely friendly and affectionate. She loves to nap and snuggle and will follow you around the house like your shadow. Her favourite thing is when her human kisses her on the tip of her nose – UMMM CUTEST EVER! NUBE is very intelligent but needs continued work with her basic training. She responds very well to praise and positive reinforcement. She doesn't understand 'play' yet and needs some help getting loose! She does however understand how cute she is and will try her absolute best to use that to her advantage and convince you to let her do things she shouldn’t. Do NOT give in to that sweet face, she needs a firm yet gentle hand to provide structure. She is crate and potty trained. NUBE is curious about other dogs but will need some help with socialization. If a dog pays too much attention to her she gets nervous. She stays away from cats but is likely to be able to adjust to a well tempered one. But the ones on the street scare/fasinate her (from a far of course) She is however excellent with children and will often jump up right beside her 1 year old neighbour. She would be a great bestie to grow up with. She loves finding and meeting new kids on her walks! She loves being pet and kissed by them! If you’d like to meet NUBE fill out an application to ADOPT today.