Photo credit:
Caroline Klimek



2 l M l 45lbs l Retriever Mix | Cayman Islands l AFFECTIONATE | Med/High Energy l Good with kids l Needs Basic Training & Help with Socialization

Welcome to Toronto NORM! Hope you don’t mind being snuggled by 40 ish pounds of Retriever mix on your bed or on your couch because NORM doesn’t really understand personal space and is about to get all up in your business. NORM is extremely affectionate and is ready to wake you up every morning with a good face licking before he watches you get ready for the day. ‪#‎creeper‬ He loves all people and is very gentle around children, even babies. NORM loves being pet/getting belly rubs/getting scratches and will nudge your hand if you stop. Your new full-time job is to LOVE NORM! He does not like eating his food out of a dish so he flips the bowl over so that he can eat it off the floor. Bowl flip is the new bat flip. NORM definitely benefits from two long-ish walks per day (45 mins to 1 hour) but is fairly chill once he gets home. He’ll also entertain himself by throwing his toys up in the air. NORM gets super excited to go on his walks and is walking better on a leash now that he’s using a harness. He is although leash reactive and will bark/growl at bigger dogs that aren't in his clique. He does hop on his back right paw at the moment which the vet says is due to a nail that grew in crooked from birth and is currently a little sensitive. We are keeping a watch on it. NORM would definitely do best in a home with a backyard. NORM is a fast learner but will need help with some basic commands. He’s been fine with little dogs so far but seems apprehensive of bigger dogs. NORM would benefit from some proper socialization and possibly some work with a professional trainer to help him realize that other dogs can be alright. NORM would be an EXCELLENT family dog. If you want to meet NORM fill out an application today.