F | 11 M | Egyptian Baladi | 30 lbs | Egypt | Medium energy | Affectionate | Curious | Smart and very trainable | Not house trained | Becoming more comfortable with other dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Hello my name is NINA and I LOVE BELLY RUBS. This Egyptian beauty has a great temperament that makes her perfect for pretty much any living situation. She basically has two speeds: home life is chill AF, she’s quiet and relaxed and just loves to snuggle up to her people on the couch, as long as you’re rubbing her belly of course. Outdoors she loves running around, exploring and socializing with her pals. She is still in her transition phase and getting used to city sounds and noises but comes out of her shell more and more every day. She’s good with other dogs although still a little timid with a few who are just too extra. She’d be cool with a quiet home as long as she gets her outdoor time but she’s not fully house trained so would benefit from a place with outdoor space that she has easy access to. She’s very smart but will need a patient home as she’s currently just too excited and distracted by the outdoors that she forgets to do her business. She’ll need routine pee breaks and lots of encouragement. She’s been using pee pads in foster care and is doing well. She’s learning her basic commands and is overall very trainable. Obedience classes are a great idea! NINA is very affectionate and loves her people. She’s excited to be by your side as much as possible…. demanding belly rubs. No joke if there was dog rehab for an addiction to belly rubs NINA would be there like yesterday. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids but given her unbelievable temperament we think she’d be fine! Ready to rub her belly forever?