M | 1 Y | Lab mix | China | Medium energy | Independent | Friendly | Loves walks and adventures | Good with dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Meet NIKO - our second rescue from China! He's a little jealous that his buddy SAM got posted as the first ever SOS dog from China but whatever, he'll get over it. Maybe. We're totally kidding - NIKO is sooo chill and friendly and awesome that he doesn't care about any of that drama. There's not a mean or jealous bone in his body. This guy has a pretty awesome temperament and is the ideal balance of active and chill. He LOVES going for adventures and would walk forever if that's what you wanted but doesn't judge you if you need to cut it short for a Netflix marathon. He's independent when he needs to be but also happy to show you lots of love and appreciation if that's what you're in to. He is fine in a crate if you give him a bunch of treats as compensation for being good. AREN’T WE ALL THOUGH?! His tail is always wagging and he's always happy to see you. He was unsure of a male once, but since has had no issues. This may be something to watch in his forever home. He’s learning his basic commands and working on his leash skills. He does have a tendency to zig zag all over a cut you off if you let him but responds well to a strong leader who sets the tone for the walk. He loves hanging out with other dogs but can be a little excitable around them and will occasionally act as a bit of an instigator. He's still very puppy like - he's easily excitable and has some puppy habits like nipping while playing. He is a very fast learner and for example went from being terrified in the car to being a backseat driver (this isn’t the way to the park). Overall NIKO is an amazing dog so fill out your application now.