Ms Ears



10 months l F l Chi Mix l Mexico l Low/Mid Energy l Homebody l Smart as a cookie but needs training l Unsure/Cautious l Not Cat Tested l Beach Bum 

New adoptable!! MS. EARS is a 10 month old Chi Mix! She came from the sunny beaches of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and is just a little sceptical of the cold front that’s rolled into Toronto. She doesn’t really like being outside for more than like, 5 mins. What is this thing we call snow and where is the beach and her margarita? Just kidding, she’s underage because she’s still a puppy, obv. She is super adorable and is mid to low energy meaning she has super playful spurts and loves her toys but then puts herself to bed around 10 pm. She’s also kind of a homebody as things like cars and the neighbourhood in general can be pretty scary. She prefers to get her exercise by playing with her toys, doing yoga or dancing in her own home, thank you very much. She LOVES toys/praise/treats and is a super quick learner – nailing potty training in just 3 days. She’s currently working on her basic commands and leash training but will probs be an expert in no time. Gold star for you Ms. Ears! She also has slight separation anxiety when she knows you’re home because whyyyy aren’t you hanging out with her?