M | 10 M | Egyptian Baladi | 30 lbs | Egypt | Low – medium energy | Loving | Chill | Shy and timid | Loves sleeping | Very human friendly | Only child | No other dogs | Not cat or kid tested

Meet MOUDY!  This dude is super excited about his second chance and shows his appreciation through ENDLESS amounts of affection for his people. He his shy and timid at first and it may take him some time to come out of his shell but once he gets to know new people it’s a giant lovefest. Proper introductions with humans are important and MOUDY should be allowed to make the first move. He’s definitely more motivated by affection than food and just wants you to love him. His very in touch with your emotions, dog therapy really is the best kind of therapy. When you’re sad he makes sure to give you extra kisses and snuggles just so you remember you guys are homies for life and he’s got your back. MOUDY is low to medium energy and generally super chill. He loves sleeping and would be totally cool in an apartment, although he does bark at some noises in the hallway. He’s well-mannered in the home and can be left at home unsupervised as long as he had a nice walk that day. MOUDY is picking up his basic commands quite well and is house trained. He would like to be the only dog in the home as he has some trust and territorial issues at the moment. He’s an only child and doesn’t want to share your love with siblings. He can also be reactive with other dogs while on leash so will need a patient owner who can help him build confidence. He’s not cat or kid tested. MOUDY is a very loving boy who will make an excellent ride or die kinda companion.