Mini Cooper


M | 10 M | Egyptian Baladi | Egypt | Energetic | Needs training | Very smart | Needs proper introductions | Good with dogs | Not cat tested | Ok with kids

MINI COOPER has arrived from Egypt and he’s looking for his furever family! COOP is still a puppy meaning he has a ton of energy, will need help polishing his manners and will definitely test his boundaries in his new home. He is SUPER SMART though and with proper guidance we think he’ll become the ultimate dog. He’s fully potty trained and is very good at letting you know when he needs to go out. He’s also crated trained and will occasionally escort himself in there for some private time. COOP is currently working on basic commands and mastered sit almost instantly. He now sits before every meal and treat, cause manners, duh. COOP would definitely benefit from professional training classes to help him with his skills and socialization. Not to brag or anything but we’re pretty sure he’ll school all the other dawwgss. He’s that smart. COOP is getting pretty good on his leash and he absolutely LOVES his walks and play time in the yard. In the home COOP loves to explore and will get into things so he needs activities to keep him occupied. COOP will bark when he hears strange noises while at home so might not be best for apartment living but is getting much better with verbal corrections to stop. Since this is all very new to him, COOP can be apprehensive of new people that come on too strong, his friendship can totally be bought with food though. Hold out a treat and let him come to you and he will be on your lap before you know it. He's been really great with social playful dogs but gets scared of really intense pooches. Once he warms up to you COOP is very affectionate and playful. If you’d like to meet MINI COOPER fill out an adoption application