F | 1 Y | Mexican Mutt | Mexico | 20lbs | Medium energy | Very affectionate | Stubborn | Energetic and playful | Very smart but needs training | Good with dogs (would be a great second dog) | Good with kids | Not cat tested

Life ain’t nothin’ but a party for our girl MINA! She’s so happy she gives that guy Pharrell a serious run for his money. She’s extremely grateful for her second chance and shows it by being a very affectionate and caring pup with her fam. MINA is young and as such is quite rambunctious, playful and curious. She’s medium energy in the sense that she doesn’t need to run daily marathons with you, one good walk per day plus bathroom breaks is cool, but she never really stops moving. She’s like a little energizer bunny and is always wanting to play and run around the house. She’s a WILD CHILD for sure, but in the cutest possible way. MINA can be a bit of a diva, in other words kinda stubborn and bossy, so she’ll need an owner who doesn’t let her get away that. She’s mastered the “but I’m sooooo innocent” look. Ok ya sure MINA! DO NOT GIVE IN TO HER GOOD LOOKS. She is extremely intelligent and seems to be picking up all of her training well, mastering most basic commands already. She will need someone to continue training with her because really the sky’s the limit with this little genius. MINA will need help with her leash skills. She’s super excitable on walks and has displayed some leash reactivity. She’s great with people, including kids, and follows you around seeking attention. She’s also good with other dogs and could totally be a second pup but hasn’t been tested with cats. After being hit by a car in her past, MINA has some joint problems from a previous trauma and will need to be on a special diet going forward to help her mobility. She’ll also need to start water therapy with the possibility of surgery at some point in her life. If you’d like to meet MINA fill out an application.