6 M l 8lbs (but growing) l F l Mexican Mutt l Princess l Medium Energy (but getting healthier) Lap/Apartment Dog l Dog Social l Cat & Kid Friendly (in Mexico, no experience here) l Being treated for Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

DID SOMEONE START PLAYING SURVIVOR BY DESTINY'S CHILD?! Enter MIMI! This girl is special! Since arriving just over 2 weeks ago, we found out that MIMI had Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (possibly related to Ehrlichia) and we said UH UH SISTER LETS FIX THAT! Although MIMI is still visiting the vet, her blood count is very high in comparison and she is feeling GOOD! She is now available for adoption with the understanding that she will need some ongoing support with vetting! 

MIMI is a doll! Before treatment, she was very low energy and calm but now has bounced into her new life! She is WAY more comfortable with her surroundings, playful and very affectionate! She doesn't need much but love and attention. Her foster has actually started calling her "Miss. Mimi" because why walk when you can be carried? (especially in a fashion forward bag) That being said she's actually very good at being alone, she's a single lady and doesn't mind showing it! She was made for an apartment, needs little space and only occasionally barks at noises she doesn't agree with (DID I SAY YOU COULD WALK IN THE HALL?!). She will cuddle you until you both fall a sleep and because of her slender body she gets cold easily and will snuggle into all the warm places. #chilllife She is currently pee-pad trained and will need help with housetraining. She is very food motivated which is very beneficial! She doesn't love being outside as her paws are not allowed to be wet because it will ruin her fresh mani. She does chew so should be watched/taught to be crate trained but otherwise "perfect" in her fosters eyes. She hasn't had much socialization with dogs in Canada as she has been working on getting her health regulated but was very dog social in Mexico and actually lived with a few! She is very excited to start her life in a happy and healthy way! Join her, by filling out an application.