M | 4 Y | Shepherd mix | 70 lbs | Higher Energy | Smart and excitable | Needs an experienced owner | Cuddle monster | Flexible Schedule | Dog Social | Not cat tested | Older kids only l Needs to be outside of City but could thrive in the city with the right owner

Meet MAX! MAX has a BIG personality and will need an owner who can help allow all his best qualities shine! He’s medium-high energy and will need at least one good walk per day along with mental exercise. While MAX has been in our care for 2 years, it’s not indicative of his potential to be an excellent family dog, but rather because we know EXACTLY what he needs and we’re waiting for his perfect match to come along! MAX would do best with an experienced owner, but would also thrive with an owner who’s dedicated to learning the ropes and creating a strong bond through training. MAX needs a calm, confident leader who can provide appropriate outlets for his energy. He is a very social dog who benefits from structured routines and exercise. He needs an owner who will lead him into a better walking mindset. MAX can be pushy (so he needs someone who will use this to their advantage to challenge him mentally with training. MAX is VERY human-friendly but needs an owner who will advocate for him and allow him only to meet people who can approach him in an appropriate way. “Baby talk” and over-excited people can easily overstimulate him, so it’s important to encourage appropriate interactions. MAX is fully crate trained and often uses his crate throughout the day to nap, have time to calm himself and sleep overnight. It’s essential that MAX’s new owner continue to crate train, as MAX gets anxious when he doesn’t have a quiet space of his own to unwind. He is incredibly dog social, he enjoys life in foster with a pack of 12 and has helped other dogs learn better social skills. He's very playful with dogs, listens to signals well and adjusts his play to the size of the dog. He hasn’t been tested with cats. MAX has spent most of his life with children but needs a dog-friendly family who all understand his cues! MAX will absolutely shine in the right home. He would LOVE a place outside of the city but could thrive in the city with the right handling and a solid routine. If that’s you fill out an application to adopt now!