M | 2 Y | Shepherd mix | 70 lbs | High energy | Smart and excitable | Needs an experienced owner | Cuddle monster | Separation anxiety | Overexcited with some Dogs | Not cat tested | Older kids only

Meet MAX! MAX has a BIG personality and will need an experienced owner who can help all his best qualities shine, while working on a couple of things cause you know every day’s a school day! He’s high energy and will need at least one good walk per day along with mental exercise. MAX needs help learning how to calm down on walks and in the home, he gets soooooo excited on walks that he can't contain himself, he can get really vocal, lunge and whine but it's stemming from frustration, overstimulation, excitement and adrenaline. He's a high drive dog and wants to go go go. MAX can be pushy so will need someone who won’t give in to his beautiful puppy dog eyes. He is VERY smart which can work for or against you. He knows all his basic commands plus a couple extra but would still like to continue training to learn even more. MAX requires proper introductions to people outside. He can get overwhelmed easily so when people reach out to "let him smell", talk in high pitched voices, stare, baby talk, lean over or come walking in too fast he gets defensive. He's looking for someone to be his advocate and is willing to dedicate time to continued training and will only allow people to meet him if they follow instructions. He is very affectionate with his humans. He gets anxious when he's left home alone and not crated, crate training is essential with MAX since it helps him calm down. MAX loves his crate and will often go in there throughout the day for naps and has no issue going in there at night. He can be a little much for some dogs so it's important to make conscious pairings when introducing lee dog friends. He hasn’t been tested with cats. MAX has spent most of his life with children in the home but can get overwhelmed by the excitement of new children, because of this, it's best that MAX go to a home with no children or a home with older children. MAX will absolutely shine in the right home. If that’s you fill out an application to adopt