M | 2 Y | Shepherd mix | 60 lbs | Medium energy | Smart and assertive | Needs an experienced owner | Cuddle monster | Big lap dog | Separation anxiety | Particular with Dogs | Not cat tested | Older kids only

Meet MAX! He’s upwards of 60 lbs but still considers himself a lap dog. MAX has a BIG personality and will need an experienced owner who can help all his best qualities shine, while working on a couple of things cause you know every day’s a school day! He’s medium energy and will need at least one good walk per day along with play time. Although he is great with his leash manners, MAX needs help with socialization as he will at times bark at dogs. Most of the time though, he ignores them. MAX is assertive so will need someone who won’t give in to his beautiful puppy dog eyes. He is VERY smart which can work for or against you. He knows all his basic commands plus a couple extra but would still like to continue training to learn even more. MAX is not great at meeting strangers and he’ll bark defensively which can often scare people. If he’s feeling extra threatened he may nip. He’s unpredictable with new people outside the home so will need someone who can facilitate proper introductions and continue his socialization skills. He is however fine with new people coming into the home #welcomeparty and is very affectionate with his humans. His favourite activity is definitely snuggling up to you on the couch. He has a bit of separation anxiety so would prefer a home with people around most of the time. He will howl so he’s definitely not suited to apartment living. MAX loves his crate and will often go in there throughout the day for naps and has no issue going in there at night. He’s particular with other dogs but when he likes you, he shows it! He hasn’t been tested with cats. Because he’s a little unpredictable he should only go to a home with older, dog experienced children. In training MAX did amazing with a dog experienced 8 year old! MAX will absolutely shine in the right home.