MARVIN was displaying a great deal of aggression to people on walks, in the house, in the yard and anywhere he encountered. He had bitten a number of people so the owners hired a trainer who gave some poor suggestions to correct the issues. For over 3 years they followed the guidance of the trainers and his behaviour worsened to the point that everyone said he needed to be euthanized. Complete K9 Care was contacted by a member of KLAWS asking if they could help train him. I contacted SOS, offered a week of training free along with 2 weeks paid for by KLAWS and SOS agreed to take Marvin on.

Marvin who has been nicknamed Cheeseburger or Cheesy for short is improving dramatically. He has been tested with people, passing dogs, passing kids, reactive dogs and busy areas, we have worked on his reactions in the crate when people come in, his food manners and obedience. Because we aren't encouraging aggression (like the previous trainer suggested), we are working on his confidence and building a trusting relationships, he hasn't reacted with aggression since the day he arrived. Because he reacted so strongly for so many years it's important for us to take extra precautions with his behaviour because it has the ability to revert back if he's not handled properly. With Cheesy right now we would like to see a good amount of consistency in his good behaviour before sending him off to a foster or forever home. Marvin has so far cost Save Our Scruff $1500 in training costs. We are determined to get him happy and ready for a furever home. Please consider donating to him, so we can give him the chance he was never properly given.