Marty Feldman


M | 8 Months | Chi mix | Georgia | Low energy | Very affectionate | Good apartment dog | Dog social | Probs cat social | Kid friendly

Our little comedian MARTY FELDMAN is ready for the spotlight! MARTY is one of our Georgia pups but has settled in to Toronto life just fine. MARTY is SUPER affectionate and would love a new human to rub his belly as much as possible. MARTY is proud to appoint himself as the 8 lb bouncer at your place and will bark at the neighbours until he realizes they’re totally on guest list (aka harmless). After that he’s pretty quiet in the home. He’s crate and house trained. MARTY is going for three short walks per day plus one long. MARTY gets energy bursts for about 15 minutes before he’s ready to cuddle and chill. He would be a great apartment dog! He’s good on a leash and responds well to corrections. If he starts to pull you can just stop and he’ll wait beside you until you start moving again. Most of the time he happily marches right by your side! MARTY doesn’t really know basic commands but is working on sit and responds very well to a firm no. MARTY definitely acts much older than 8 months which we like to call ‘wise beyond his years.’ MARTY is ok when left alone in a crate and patiently waits for snuggles when someone gets home – he LOVES his people! He’s also great with dogs – even the big guys, but may need a bit of time to warm up! MARTY would be fine with children who are gentle due to his size and would like be fine with cats once the initial excitement dies down. Basically he’s just a lovable little dude who will make a great addition to his new fam! If you’d like to meet MARTY fill out an adoption application