F | 3 Y | Mexico | Mixed Breed | 35 lbs | Medium energy | Puppy-like | Loves people | Needs leash + basic training | Good with chill dogs | Good with kids | Not cat tested

Meet MARBLE! This 3 year old Mexican mutt still thinks she's a puppy and is looking to make some new friends! She's a quick learner and settles into new situations pretty fast. She's very energetic/playful/curious about everything so will need an owner who will set boundaries for her. For example she will jump all over you, your counters and your tables unless you tell her not to. She responds well to a firm no when she's getting a little too rowdy and is VERY food motivated so is a quick learner. MARBLE loves to play with her toys but can get a little nippy when she gets too excited and this behaviour should not be encouraged. She definitely needs help with leash skills as she pulls with excitement especially if she sees a squirrel. She's almost fully potty trained but should be watched while she's in the home to be safe. She'll give you hints if she needs to go out like circling around or scratching at the door. She's crate trained and sleeps in there at night or while you're out. She whines/whimpers a bit when she first goes in her crate but settles in quickly. MARBLE has zero concept of personal space and wants to be all up in your bizness. She loves all people but has the tendency to pick one person in particular to stalk at all times. She would love a home with someone with a flexible schedule or someone who works from home. She's pretty mischievous and will test her boundaries by sneaking a Kleenex out of the box or nibbling at your clothes but stops when you tell her to and gives you her best apology eyes. MARBLE gets super excited about the smell of coffee so do NOT leave your morning mug unattended! She's been a little apprehensive of more boisterous dogs but otherwise is super calm and happy to make new friends on walks. She's also met some kids and been fine so a home with older children would work for her. She hasn't been tested with cats. MARBLE is a sweetheart and would fit in well to pretty much home environment as long the owners are willing to work on her training + give her all the snuggles she can handle! If you'd like to meet MARBLEfill out an adoption application