F | 10 M | Terrier Mix | 17 lbs | Texas | Medium energy | Affectionate | Morning dog | Tough cookie | Learning basic commands | Ok with dogs | Ok with cats | No young kids

Meet MAGGIE! This girl is a terrier through and through. MAGGIE is a BOSS. She's kind of set her own routine and would appreciate if you'd follow it, but don't worry she'll happily repay you in love and snuggles. We hear that's better than a paycheque. She's definitely a morning dog and will politely paw at your arm to tell you it’s time to get up. She wants breakfast and a walk as soon as you can deliver and then eagerly waits for dinner time... And don't forget her cookies in between! Bones are her absolute favourite thing but none of those small ones – she thinks she’s a big dog. MAGGIE would do best with someone who is able to walk her a few times throughout the day. She LOVES going for walks and has good leash skills already. She's a brave little girl and is totally ready for adventures with you. She wouldn't be a good apartment dog as she loves spending time in the backyard –where she keeps her pile of bones! She also thinks she's your personal security guard and will bark when people come to the door, or around her backyard and is on constant squirrel patrol making sure they stay the heck out! MAGGIE is very smart and is learning her basic commands quickly. She now knows sit and will run right to the door when you say 'outside.' At night MAGGIE is completely ready for Netflix and chill and is very affectionate, often falling asleep right on top of you. She's good with other dogs as long as they don't get up in her face and would benefit from a second dog in the home that she can continue to learn from. She typically freezes when a cat approaches her but as long as they're cool she's ok with them. MAGGIE seems a little scared of young children but would be fine with older kids. She is currently being treated for a skin irritation.