F | 1 Y | Boxer Mix | South Carolina | 60 lbs | High energy | VERY playful | Smart but stubborn | Lap dog | Needs a firm and active owner | Good with dogs | Good with kids | Playful with cats

Meet MACY! This beautiful girl is a just a giant puppy and is super playful and mischievous but in the best possible way. She absolutely LOVES the mountain of toys at her foster home and will entertain herself for hours but of course prefers a good game of tug-o-war with her people. She could pretty much play all day so she will need active adopters who are ready to give her the attention she deserves to work off some of that puppy energy. MACY does not like her crate but is well behaved when left alone. Things will always be out of place when you get back but nothing is ever destroyed or eaten. Either MACY is super curious about all the household things or her foster home is haunted. We're not sure. MACY is house trained and is working on her basic commands. She’s very smart but can be extremely stubborn so will need an owner who isn’t swayed by her ridiculously good looks. Behind that cute, wrinkly face is a mastermind, TRUST.  Her adopters will understand the need to be firm with her and continue her training to help her excel. She will need some help with her leash skills as she gets very excited and tends to pull and lunge occasionally. It’s never aggressive as she gets along with EVERY dog she meets – old, young, big or small. MACY loves kids and is a huge suck. Once you tire her out she’s nothing but a giant lap dog. When you go to bed she’s happy to settle in with you for the night but as soon as you stir in the morning she’s like PLAY TIME! She sees cats as playmates as well so as long as they’re ok with MACY trying to hang out with them she should be fine too. Ready to meet her? Start collecting toys and fill out an application.