F | 4 Y | Australian Blue Heeler | 40 lbs | Texas | Outdoorsy | Affectionate | Apprehensive of new situations | Smart but needs training | Dog social | Not tested with cats or kids

Meet LUCY! This girl came to us from Texas and it's clear that she's had a bit of a rough past as she's very apprehensive of new humans and takes time to warm up. Like a true Blue Heeler though she picks one person to bond closely with and you guys become instant BFFs. LUCY loves to follow her human soulmate around like a shadow and is extremely affectionate. She's medium energy and an outdoorsy gal so her ideal fam should love hiking and hitting the cottage. LUCY is eager to explore some of the beautiful trails Ontario has to offer! She's not the best in a city environment as buses, traffic and other loud noises make her uneasy. She shouldn't be off leash in open areas because she will run if she's frightened. LUCY needs time to warm up to new people so her new fam will need to be patient and let her feel comfortable before having other people approach her. She's quiet but will occasionally bark at certain people who seem to stir up negative memories for her, however, she responds well to correction. When she's calm LUCY is extremely smart and knows her basic commands. She will need continued guidance with basic training including potty training as she's just starting to master doing her ones and twos outside. We actually think LUCY would appreciate some more serious training classes - possibly agility training or something similar. LUCY is crate trained and stays in there when she's home alone or heads in there if she needs some quiet time. Because she bonds so intensely with her chosen one we think she'd do best with that person home more often than not. She really is a companion dog and wants to be with you for all of life's adventures. LUCY is good with other dogs but hasn't been tested with cats or kids. Younger kids might be a bit much for her to handle. If you think you're LUCY's soulmate fill out an application