M | 1 Y | Lab/Hound Cross | 63 lbs | Medium energy | Affectionate | Curious | Playful | A bit shy | Ladies man | Working on social skills | Good with small dogs | Not cat or kid tested

LOOOUUUUUUUUU! This guy has all the best qualities of a pup – he’s curious, playful, very affectionate and genuinely so pumped to see you even if you’ve only been gone for like two minutes. LOU will be your shadow and want to be with you at all times. He loves chilling beside you with you touching him and you’ll get a gentle paw swipe if you stop. He’ll also sit beside your bed in the morning and act like your personal alarm clock, which is like the cutest way to wake up obv. LOU bonds closely with his humans but definitely prefers the ladies and can be a little apprehensive of men and new people. He will growl initially so proper introductions and time are key. This is not aggression – more of a defense mechanism as he's still a nervous pup. He is slow to warm up (30 mins) but after that he just wants to run around and be goofy. He’s a little apprehensive of new situations (high traffic areas, elevators, loud noises, mysterious doors, etc) and will need continued help with his socialization skills so he can feel comfortable. He's a little jumpy and will need help opening up! He’s okay on leash but will be a bit stubborn if there’s something he really wants to check out. Like, I NEED to smell that tree right NOW!! LOU is medium energy and will need at least one long walk per day plus bathroom breaks. He also loves to play and be silly and is obsessed with carrying his toys and ball around the house. He can also be very chill and completely settle in on the couch with you. LOU seems to be comfortable with small dogs but will need more socialization. He hasn’t been tested with cats of kids yet. He’s still just a young pup and we think more of his outgoing personality will continue to shine through as he starts to feel safer in his new environments. LOU just wants to love and be loved! If you want to ADOPT this goof fill out an application