4Y l Jack Russell Terrier l 18lbs l Medium Energy l Mexico l Shy around Strangers l Selective l Needs Socialization w Humans/Dogs l Protective l Cuddler l Very Loyal l Not Kid or Cat Social

When Apple tried to make the dog emoji, they first had to ask LILY if they could copyright her face. LILY is ready for her furever home! She is medium energy and is super into the balanced lifestyle as being chill AF at home and needing to walk around the block as many times as her puppy eyes will work on you! She is happy with 1-2 hours a day and will thank you by following you around anywhere until you pet her all over. Okay, just belly rubs. On repeat. She is learning to socialize with dogs as well as to approach people with her head held high. You can pick up on her emotions quite easily which is great for helping notice when she needs guidance. She would benefit from ongoing and stable training to help her feel confident around strangers (furry and human). With new people and furry friends, LILY has been noted to growl and bark. She has been working into a dog walking environment where she is feeling more comfortable around new faces. LILY has not met any cats in foster care but does show signs of prey drive. She is not expected to be good with children as she is uncomfortable with instability. She is very loyal, loves to cuddle and will be your shadow. She will lay in your lap on the couch and and place her chin on your knees. If you'd like to meet her, your first step would be filling out an application.