M | 2 Y | Shepherd mix | 60 lbs | High energy | Playful and goofy | Needs basic training | Loves attention | Doesn’t like being alone | Dog social | Good with older kids | Not cat tested

Meet LEROY aka Dug the dog from the movie UP. Seriously, he has just met you and he loves you. LEROY is really just a big lovable goof looking for his very own Russell aka best bud fo’ life. LEROY is high energy and would play all day if you let him so is definitely looking for an active home. He’s currently getting 3 – 4 hours of walks/fetch per day which seems to be enough but he could probs handle even more. He would love a big home with a big backyard that he can run around in. If he doesn’t get enough exercise he gets bored and takes it out on his toys, absolutely destroying them. LEROY does understand when it’s time to chill and as long as you don’t show him too much attention during quiet time he’ll lay down and relax. He’s particularly fond of relaxing music and will fall asleep almost immediately if you put it on. He’s a huge klutz and can’t focus on anything for more than 5 seconds… SQUIRREL! BALL! LEROY is just super excited about life and is constantly walking around with a huge smile and a wagging tail. He’s very affectionate and loves being the centre of attention. If you’re ignoring him he flops down on the ground with a huge, dramatic sigh. He can be a little mouthy while playing but never applies any pressure with his teeth. He doesn’t like being left alone and has shown some signs of mild separation anxiety. He should be crated when his humans aren’t home but ideally would love for someone to be home more often than not. LEROY will need help with his basic training and seems to appreciate a routine. He’s potty trained and is pretty good on leash but will pull if he’s very intrigued by another dog or interesting smell. He’s very strong but also super gentle. LEROY is very dog social and could definitely be a first or second dog. He’s not cat tested and would be fine with older kids (mouthy). He’s the class clown and will definitely keep his new fam entertained! If you’d like to meet LEROY fill out an adoption application