3Y l F l Mix | Mexico | 25 lbs | Low to med energy | Loves to cuddle | Shy and nervous | Doesn’t like being alone | Not cat or kid tested

LEELA just moved to Canada from Mexico and has discovered that she is all about that couch life. LEELA loves to cuddle especially if she sees you heading toward the couch ‘cause HELLS YAAAA she’s into a good spoon sesh in her fave spot. She will literally sprint over so that she’s ready to greet you with a tail wag when you sit down. If she’s not following your every move LEELA is watching you intently as she’s very curious about what you’re up to at all times. LEELA is still quite shy and apprehensive of new people and experiences. She’s easily frightened by loud noises and new things like elevators and street grates but has been making progress every day. She’s shy when meeting new people and will bow her head and shake but nothing a quick scratch behind the ear can’t fix. Once she develops trust she is extremely loving/attached to her humans. LEELA doesn’t like being left alone so her new fam should have a flexible schedule where people are home more often than not. She’s been going to work with her foster every day and could totally be an office dog going forward. LEELA is pretty low energy but benefits from a few walks throughout the day (could change when she adjusts more) She doesn’t need to run or play, she just enjoys being outdoors. LEELA is great on a leash but doesn’t respond well to tugging as a form of correction – she listens much better with coaxing and a kind voice. She is not the least bit food motivated. LEELA is ok with other dogs as long as they’re calm and there was a proper intro – she’s not into meeting face to face and prefers a good ole booty sniff. She’s not cat or kid tested. LEELA is a very curious dog and you can see she’s interested in exploring things but doesn’t quite have the confidence to do so yet. A calm and patient owner would really help this girl come out of her shell. You must also have a couch. No exceptions. To meet LEELA fill out an application.