F | 2 Y | Daschaund Mix | 15 lb | Texas | Curious | Spunky | A little shy | Good apartment dog | Loves other dogs | Not cat or kid tested

They say everything’s bigger in Texas but meet LAVERNE – one of our adorable little hot dogs that we rescued from the lone star state! LAVERNE can be a little shy at first and you can tell that she comes from a bit of a tough past but she’s also supercurious and spunky and will make the perfect little companion. She’s a little skittish and will rely on her crate as her safe space when she’s feeling overwhelmed. Overall she’s pretty low energy and would make an excellent apartment dog. This might change as she breaks out of her shell more. LAVERNE gets two walks per day and that’s exactly what she wants! She’s still a little apprehensive of busy streets and isn’t quite ready to strut her stuff down Queen or roll up to the dog park. She’s great on side streets and has pretty good leash skills. She’s not a barker and doesn’t need to be crated when you’re gone because she’s very well mannered. LAVERNE is nearly potty trained but is also used to puppy pads in the home which will need to addressed for anyone looking for an outside pee-er! LAVERNE loves to follow you from room to room but does not like when you initiate pets or cuddles. She’ll actually run and hide if you try to force it. She is affectionate and will snuggle up to you but only on her own time. She absolutely LOVES other dogs and would do well with a doggy friend in her new home. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids but should be fine with older children who are respectful of her space. LAVERNE will need a patient owner who will help her feel at home and in a trusting environment. She is also being treated for Kennel Cough. If you’d like to meet LAVERNE fill out an application to ADOPT her.

Laverne is currently being treated for kennel cough.