Lady Snow


F | 2 Y | Shepherd Mix | Texas | Medium energy | Loves the outdoors | Super chill | Independent but loving | Working on basic training | Dog social | Not cat or kid tested – but probs fine!

Meet LADY SNOW! This girl is definitely settling into her new routine and is all around super awesome. She can be a little shy in new situations and with new people but she’s definitely becoming more outgoing every single day. She’s super chill and would pretty much fit into any situation. She rarely barks so would do well in an apartment or a home. LADY SNOW is medium energy and would benefit from two 30+ minute walks per day. She LOVES being outside but mostly just chilling. Like she’s all about a good rooftop BBQ or park hang. Bellwoods 4 eva. Speaking of BBQs this girl is definitely not a vegetarian cause she knows you don’t make friends with salad. She’s just starting to discover how great treats are and honestly, the meatier the better. You gonna finish that burger or what?! She does need to gain a bit of weight so treats are a good thing! LADY SNOW is great on leash and is just so happy to be out smelling all the things. She’s fully house trained and is excellent in her crate – goes and stays in there without a fuss. She’s working on basic commands but she’ll basically do anything for meat. She’s an independent lady and likes to be near you but doesn’t need constant attention. She is very loving and the first time she snuggles up to you will basically melt your heart. Just recently she discovered how great belly rubs are and she’s all about them now! She’s great with other dogs and just wants to say hi to all of them on walks. She’s especially curious about little white dogs so if you have one they could be LADY SNOW’s long lost BFF. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids really but she’s so chill that we think she could be ok either.

Please note: Lady Show has been diagnosed and is being treated for a skin condition