Photo Credit:
Dani Reynolds
@daniirey on Instagram


1Y | F | Basenji Mix | Rwanda | under 40 lbs | Active | Diva | Needs continued training l Loves dogs l Okay with cats but needs to learn boundaries | Not Kid Social

KIMI AKA Wanda from Rwanda is looking for a forever home! KIMI is stunninnngg and she kinda knows it. YAAS Queen! She has spent some time in training since she was displaying lots of mouthing and puppy like behaviour but now that she's completed her program she's ready for adoption. Before arriving in Canada KIMI was fending for herself on the streets of Rwanda so she will require continued patience, training and support to help her overcome some of the habits she picked up as a street dog. KIMI is extremely affectionate and wants to be cuddled and pet non-stop. She is also very dog social and would actually do best in a home with another dog who can show her the ropes. She is scared of cats but will occasionally tests the limits. She is determined OKAY with cats but will need help adjusting. KIMI is athletic and fast AF so would benefit from a good run once a day, plus a few shorter walks throughout the day. She’s fairly adaptable and would do well in most living situations as long as she’s with experienced and committed owners. Since food was likely scarce at times during her street days she becomes protective primarily around food or sometimes toys and will need continued training to help quit this habit. She’s also a bit of a DIVA and while she’s pretty good with basic commands she will test her limits if you allow her to. For example she’ll sit on command but will get right back up to see if you correct her. KIMI needs someone to be firm with her and not give in when she tries to bend the rules. Because of her possessive traits, KIMI should not go to a home with young children, however she has been good with older children who are comfortable and dog savvy. KIMI is an absolutely beautiful and sweet dog who has been given a second chance and just needs a loving home to guide her through the process. Detailed instructions from our trainer will be provided upon adoption. If you’d like to meet KIMI please fill out an adoption application.