3Y | Mutt | Dominican | Med energy | Affectionate l Best Manners | Slightly shy at first | Very loyal | Dog social | No cats | Not kid tested

This girl is definitely appreciative of her second chance and basically acts like a 'guest' at all times. Okay, unless she wants to sit on your lap and snuggle but ... thats okay right? KAYLEE just recently arrived from the streets of Dominican and is really loving this whole pampered pet thing! She is 100% a lap dog and really enjoys being near her humans as much as possible. KAYLEE is extremely polite and well behaved. She’s full potty trained and she’s not currently crated when her foster parents leave the house. She’s free to roam around with her foster brother and hasn’t gotten into any mischief so far. She must have gone to charm school or some fancy shizz like that cause he’s so well-mannered that she even waits until you tell her it’s ok to eat her food. She also knows basic commands like sit and down especially if you have a piece of carrot in your hand. KAYLEE is great on leash and is currently going on a few walks per day which is more than enough for her. She’s not overly active but does get tiny bursts of energy which are hilarious because she’s not quite sure how to play just yet. KAYLEE does get distracted easily by city noises which tend to make her a little nervous. She should NOT be off leash because she’s a bolter. Also, the rain makes her hair like super frizzy so she’s not a fan and will literally hold it forever if you let her. Don’t let her. KAYLEE is very dog social and would do well in a home with another dog. She is not kid tested and is definitely not a fan of cats. KAYLEE is polite/sweet/affectionate/loyal and would fit in well with nearly any situation. If you’d like to meet KAYLEE fill out an adoption application.

Photocredzz @Old_Faithful_Photo