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Lauren Barless
@bar_less @snapple_applesauce


F | 1 Y | Chihuahua mix | 20 lbs | Mexico | Timid but building confidence | Chill | Doesn’t like loud noises | Okay with Cats | Needs Socialization with Dogs l No kids

KAILA is feeling comfortable and more confident in foster care! She’s found her safe space on the couch at her foster home and so far prefers to spend the majority of her time there. KAILA’s ideal home is with owners who have the patience to help this girl break out of her shell even more. She would also LOVE a home with another dog who can show her the ropes. The most confident we’ve ever seen KAILA was when she was with one of her best dog pals from Mexico. She is a little anti-social with dogs currently but we would like to again see her open up to dogs and have some playmates! She’s not overly food motivated and if she doesn’t want to do something she’ll just ignore you. KAILA is absolutely terrified of cars so a city environment is not the best for her. She’s good on leash and doesn’t pull as she likes to stick right by your side. KAILA should 100% not be off leash. She is super sweet and chill and loves to be a couch potato with you. She doesn’t quite understand the concept of cuddles but is happy to give kisses to the people she trusts. She's ok being home alone although is super happy/relieved when you return. It’s hard to gauge KAILA’s energy level at this time as she’s not fully confident but we'd say its about low-medium. KAILA is currently living with a cat and stays out of his business for the most part. It takes KAILA time to build relationships with dogs and people and although we believe she would do best in a home with a second dog (one who’s chill/affectionate/happy/playful) it might take her some time to warm up. KAILA shouldn’t go to a home with young children as she doesn’t like loud noises or too much commotion. If you think you can give KAILA the home of a lifetime apply