F | 1Y | Approx 35lbs l Mix | Mexico | Puppy like l Very Playful/Goofy l Medium Energy | Chill inside | Affectionate | Dog social | Needs help with house training | Prey Drive l Not Kid Tested

Guys, this is KAFFEE. She says she’s a dog but like actually she’s part deer, part kangaroo and probs part cheetah cause she’s fast AF. KAFFEE has settled in well – in the home she’s affectionate and quiet. She’s already scoped out her fave spots in her foster home and you can pretty much find her snuggled up in them all the time. She’s full of smiles when she wants to play and also does nip out of excitement. She hasn't been tested with kids and if around them should be monitored. She goes NUTS (jumping, spinning, barking) when she sees squirrels on a leash (bc these fun furry things weren't in Mexico and she needs to play with ALL of them) so should definitely be tested with cats before making any commitments. KAFFEE is very easily distracted on walks and definitely shouldn’t be off leash in open areas. If the area is fenced in she’ll run around like crazy so she’d love a yard or frequent trips to a secure dog park. She’s dog social and LOVES being chased by other dogs, although they can barely catch her. KAFFEE is getting better on leash but still needs work – she’s very easily distracted on walks and can’t stay focused. We believe this is affecting her potty training. KAFFEE needs a strong but patient owner to help her perfect her skills. She’s still very puppy like at only a year old. KAFFEE definitely has her indoor (chill AF) and outdoor (little crazy) personalities. With proper guidance she can have the best of both worlds! She's super hilarious and goofy and is ready to take on a furever home with the glass half full! If you’d like to meet KAFFEE fill out an adoption application