2Y l M | 60 lbs | Egyptian Baladi | Very Loyal | Affectionate | Needs an experienced owner | Protective | Not dog social

Meet JERRY – he’s ready to put his past life in Egypt behind him and start fresh in Canada, but will need an owner who is willing to put some time into him as he's working on getting over some bad habits. JERRY would do best with a human who is a leader so his new owner(s) will need to assert control from the beginning. JERRY can be wary of new humans at first but once he warms up to you he is extremely affectionate and loving. JERRY is fiercely loyal and as a result can be a little possessive of his owners and his home which we’re working on correcting. He’s learning that growling/barking is not how you go about making friends and he is making progress! He is really just trying to protect what he loves and will warm up to new people around the home once he realizes they are not a threat. JERRY loves walks but is leash reactive to other dogs on the street. Weirdly enough, he loves meeting new human homies on his walks and happily walks past all people! Although he is leash reactive, he IS dog friendly with proper introductions and would benefit from a balanced dog that can show him what Toronto living is all about. JERRY would benefit from an active lifestyle. JERRY is potty and crate trained and should be crated when people are out of the home as he lovessss to eat your shoes for lunch. JERRY knows some basic commands like sit and paw but would benefit from some ongoing training as he’s very intelligent and could use the mental stimulation. Once you establish trust JERRY is super affectionate and playful and will follow you around the house like your shadow and flop over your lap like a doll. If you’re an experienced dog owner looking for a highly loyal companion fill out an application