M | 1 Y | Plott Coonhound | South Carolina | Medium to high energy | Best as a second dog | Smart and loyal | Playful | Outdoorsy | Chill at home | Not cat or kid tested

Meet HUNTER! This country boy is adjusting to life in the big city and is still a little apprehensive of trucks, streetcars, traffic and other loud city noises. Although his ideal home would probz be outside the city we do think he would be ok in a condo environment if he’s properly exercised and given LOTS of park time to explore and run around like a maniac. He’s medium to high energy and loves running around and playing for a few hours a day. He’s a working breed so if he’s not physically and mentally stimulated he gets bored. We think he’d love an outdoorsy fam who are into cottaging, hiking and generally exploring the world. (Nature is cool guyyzzz) He LOVES snow so doesn’t plan to slow down this winter. He’s lived most of his life with a dog pal so it would be great if he was a second dog. Alternatively someone with a flexible schedule or the ability to spend lots of time with him would be perfect. He’s loyal and likes to be around his friends. He’s loves people and is very affectionate. He’s the perfect balance of playful and chill – when he’s inside he knows it’s time to relax and snuggle in for a cozy nap. He’s smart and knows his basic commands and is house and crate trained. HUNTER hasn’t been tested with cats or kids although given his gentle nature we think he’d be a good family pet – especially active kids who can keep him busy!