M | 1 Y | Shepherd Mix |60 lbs | Texas | Medium energy | Affectionate | Big lap dog | Needs training | Easily excitable | Great with dogs | Probably no cats | Older kids ok

HOWARD aka HOWIE D is ready for the spotlight. How good looking is this guy tho?! He loves sporting his best bandana and showing off, BSB style. HOWARD is still young and has a lot of puppy tendencies – like a young Nick Carter! He’ll need an owner who asserts themselves as the alpha. If you’re firm with him he’s a huge pushover and actually listens quite well. He’s medium energy and needs two good walks a day + some playtime or else he becomes mischievous. If he’s properly exercised he’s super chill in the home and considers himself a lap dog - he's a total cuddler! He’s very friendly and isn’t shy with people. He likes to play but is strong and can be a little mouthy so he’s not a good fit for young children. HOWARD is very smart and with the proper training will be such a great dog with so many cool tricks. He’s has mastered the basics (sit, down, shake, stay) and is potty trained and crate trained although he sometimes needs to be bribed to get in his crate. He sleeps in there at night but wants to be in your room with you so he can watch you sleep….creep. He gets a little anxious when you leave him alone for the first few minutes, but stays calm and quiet once you're out. He’ll definitely need help with his leash skills as he’s easily excitable in new environments and wants to chase smaller animals. Getting him used to a daily route helps with this. He’s quiet in the home unless he’s under-exercised and woofs twice to let you know. He’s very dog social, and LOVES the dog park however due to his high prey drive likely isn’t in the market for any feline pals. HOWARD absolutely LOVES the water so he’s looking for an invite to your cottage please and thanks. HOWARD has SO much potential! If you’d like to meet HOWARD fill out an application.