F | 2 Y | Black lab | Mexico | Medium energy | Super sweet | LOVES people | Fetch enthusiast | Not good with other dogs | No cats | Good with kids

We HOPE you’re going to fall in love with our next scruff…. See what we did there?! Hahaha. Anywayyy, HOPE has the most endearing qualities of a lab – she’s loyal, affectionate and playful. She’s on the smaller side for a lab so people always think she’s a puppy. She’ prefers the term ageless beauty, thank you. HOPE is great with kids and seems to love all people unconditionally. This is NOT true of other dogs just yet. She gets extremely excited when she sees other dogs while on leash and pulls, barks, leaps and sometimes growls. She has been attending socialization classes to learn to CALM THE HECK DOWN but it’s definitely a work in progress. HOPE would love a home with a backyard that she can play in. She’s a champion fetch player and always brings the ball back for more. She also seems to like the water (the hose provides endless hours of entertainment for both of you) so would probs love regular cottage or beach trips. She’s quiet in the home except for when there’s violence or risky business on the television. This bothers her and she’ll bark to tell you to turn off Game of Thrones immediately. Just go ahead and cancel your HBO subscription now. HOPE does have a strong prey drive so shouldn’t go to a home with cats. She’d be a great family dog! If you’d like to meet HOPE fill out an application.