3Y | F | 6lbs |Terrier Mix | VERY affectionate | Playful | LOVES life | Doesn’t like being alone | Dog Social | Good with older kids | Not cat tested

This is GIGI and she’s from Miami… party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach till the break of dawn! But GIGI’s idea of partying all night is snuggling up as close to you as she can get and staying there for as long as possible cause she’s SUPER affectionate. She’s generally just THRILLED ABOUT LIFE and is most excited in the mornings when the alarm goes off because it’s a new day and she’s ready to run around in circles trying to get you up. GIGI loves her outdoor time especially running around off leash so she would love a home with a securely fenced yard. She could hang in an apt if she’s properly exercise though. She’s dog social and walks and plays well with other dogs. She can be a little fearful of the big guys at first but her confidence grows every day and she’ll even initiate a play sesh with them occasionally. GIGI also loves playing fetch, tug-o-war or chasing her tail (like, how did it get there tho?!). GIGI is potty trained but still seems a little unsure of how to let you know she wants out so a schedule where she’s let out every four hours or so is working well for her. She would love if her new humans had a flexible schedule or were home most of the time. She doesn’t love being in her crate and will cry/bark when you first put her in there but generally quiets down after a few minutes. It’s important that her new owners help her to understand that her crate isn’t a punishment. She’s pretty good on leash but is VERY interested in squirrels and birds. She definitely has a prey drive but a firm NO while she’s on leash works well for her. She’ll need continued support with basic training. She’s so small that most cats could probs run her show but should be tested before making any commitments. GIGI would be fine with older children who understand her size. She doesn’t love being alone so would be good as a second dog, with someone with a flexible schedule. GIGI is cute as a button as is looking for a family that’s as excited about her as she is about them! If you want to meet her, fill out an adoption application

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