F | 10M | Lab Mix | Cayman Islands |Medium energy | Affectionate | Shy at first | Needs to build confidence | VERY sweet | Loves other dogs | Ok with cats | Older kids ok

Meet GIA! This beautiful girl has just arrived from the Cayman Islands and is excited to be a scruff. (She’s heard good things!) Aside from her good looks GIA has a very patient and sweet temperament. It does take her some time to warm up to new people as she’s very shy initially but once you guys match on Tinder she will smother you in hugs, kisses and cuddles. When meeting GIA it’s best to let her make the first move and come to you, once she’s comfortable she’s very trusting and loyal. GIA absolutely LOVES other animals and would definitely like a home with another dog. She currently looks to other dogs for guidance and leadership and this will be important to build her confidence going forward. She’s great with dogs of all sizes and shows mad respect for her elders – aka the two senior pups in her foster home. GIA is medium energy and gets bursts of puppy playfulness but only when she’s comfortable with her people or with other dogs. After about 15 mins of playtime she’s usually ready for a nap! She’s currently going for two short walks per day plus a long one and that’s working well for her. She’s not good on leash currently as she’s very afraid of loud noises and new people. It’s important that she has a proper, well-fitting collar that she can’t easily slip out of when she gets spooked. Her new humans will need to be patient as GIA builds her confidence on leash. In the home GIA is pretty chill and is happy to curl up beside you to chew her bone. She’s potty trained and crate trained and happily goes in while her foster is at work. GIA is extremely gentle and hasn’t shown any signs of aggression around other dogs or when you take food/toys from her but due to her timid nature should only go to a home with older children. GIA is very dog social and ideally will be as second (or third!) dog and she’s ok with cats too. If you’d like to meet GIA fill out an adoption application