11 months l M l Poodle Mix l Medium Energy l SUPER Friendly l Cuddle Monster l Needs Basic Training l Loves Attention

Meet FROSTY! This 11 month old poodle mix ditched the hot weather in Mexico to chill out in Toronto. He has already stolen his foster moms heart, and we can definitely see why! He is medium energy boy who enjoys his walks and playing with his favourite ball. This social guy likes to make friends with EVERYONE and is always the most popular at the dog park. FROSTY is in the process of getting crate trained and is working with his foster to become fully potty trained. Although adorable, FROSTY can be a bit mischievous and will need to be taught the difference between a chew toy and your favourite shoes! He is not kid/cat tested but is very affectionate and with the right introductions could have a great relationship with anyone! FROSTY is just finding his voice which should be noted for anyone in an apartment. This dude is still young and needs to be shown the ropes! He also thought it was the perfect time to bring the good ol' mohawk back and is causing chaos with all the ladiesss. FROSTY doesn't need a lot of space but needs a lot of love and cuddles! To meet him, fill out an application.