FOXIE | F | 1Y | Mix | 25lbs | Dominican | Medium energy| Affectionate | Gentle | Independent | Skittish l Hand-Shy l Apprehensive of bigger dogs | Lived with Cats in Dominican l No Kids

FOXIE is basically that girl that everyone likes. She loves her time with her girl gang (who run the world?!) and still a little apprehensive of new people especially men. FOXIE has settled in extremely well and is loving her new life in Toronto. There’s nothing she loves more than her new dog bed… unless of course it’s getting belly rubs WHILE in her new dog bed. FOXIE is ready to wake you up every morning at 7 a.m. as she loves her morning walks. FOXIE would be well suited to an apartment or a house as long as there’s a female in the home that she can be BFFs with. From 9 – 5 FOXIE is independent and is happy to play with her toys or chew her bone while you’re away. FOXIE is potty trained and is learning her basic commands although her leash skills will need some work. FOXIE’s personality is emerging more and more every day – she licks your nose to say I love you and will paw and nip gently when she wants to play. FOXIE is definitely skittish and still unsure of many aspects of her new life – she takes time to get used to her surroundings and people. So far FOXIE has been intrigued by other smaller dogs but has shown zero interest in bigger dogs. FOXIE has cohabited with cats in the Dominican and we think she would be better suited to a house without kids. FOXIE is seriously easy to fall in love with and it won’t be long until you find her running through your mind all day. If you’d like to meet FOXIE, fill out an adoption application