1 Y | F | 40 lbs | Egyptian Baladi | Egypt | Affectionate | VERY SHY | Barker | Needs ongoing training

FLO is a very sweet girl who is looking for a loving and supportive home to help her shine. FLO has spent time in professional training before arriving at her foster and will need a home that is willing to continue to work on this. She is extremely affectionate and is basically a cuter, fluffier version of Dobby from Harry Potter. She has a face that will always look like a puppy. FLO loves to snuggle and nap with her humans but is shy and needs some time to warm up as she is fearful when meeting new people. FLO is very vocal and acts as your personal alarm when she hears outside noises and when people come home but does respond to corrections and quiets down. Her new home will need to be comfortable with correcting excessive barking and be in an atmosphere where neighbours are not hitting your floorboards with a broom. FLO does not do well in a city environment and should definitely go to a quiet, residential neighbourhood. FLO would love another dog in the home to help show her the ropes. She’s also fairly good with cats although sometimes has trouble containing her excitement. FLO needs an experienced and patient home willing to offer her behavioural support, keep her mentally stimulated and teach her some boundaries. She is currently learning her basic commands and showing improvement every day. She’s pretty low energy – she loves playing fetch inside and ice cubes are her favourite thing in the whole world! She’ll push them around and chew them all day if you let her. Overall FLO is extremely sweet and loving and will completely blossom in the right environment. If you want to meet FLO please fill out an adoption application