M | 3 Y | German Shepherd Mix | 65 lbs | Mexico | Medium energy | Very affectionate | Good on leash | Nervous of loud sounds and some men | Good with chill dogs | Older kids ok | Cats maybe ok

Hi do you want a big, beautiful 65 lb lap dog? FLASH is def your guy! He’s just arrived from Mexico and is so chilled out. Siestas over fiestas all day, every day. He’s adapted to his new life quite nicely. He’s fine with people coming and going and is very quiet in the home. FLASH is medium energy – he does enjoy a couple of good walks per day but is super chill as soon as he gets home. He’s definitely not looking to go jogging with you but a nice stroll through the woods is right up is alley. He is potty trained and lap trained (#napsovereverything) He’s still adjusting to city sounds and is a little nervous in high traffic areas. Overall he’s great on leash and even knows some basic commands. He sits for his food without you even asking and could definitely pick up new commands easily. He’s has shown slight nervousness around some men and doesn't like them all in his face (intense eye contact), unless he is familiar. FLASH is very affectionate with his humans AKA a compulsive licker, which he’s working on. He basically just wants to sleep on your lap 24/7. He would do well in a house with multiple people who can help spread the love. He’s right by your side when you’re home but is also ok when left alone. He’d also do well with kids – although slightly older would be better considering loud, unexpected noises still freak him out. FLASH is very curious when it comes to other dogs but doesn’t do well with overly rambunctious or dominant ones. He just doesn’t understand why they’re not as laid back as he is! He’s curious around squirrels and birds but it doesn’t seem to be aggressive so he might be ok in a home with cats, although he hasn’t been tested. Basically FLASH is just a giant ball of love and would make a great family pet! If you’d like to meet him fill out an application to ADOPT