M | 5 M | Hound mix | 25 lbs | Med – High energy | PUPPY | Needs training | Very loyal | A little nervous | Smart | Chewer | Playful | Loves other dogs and kids | Not cat tested, possibly ok

Meet FINN! He’s a super fun, hilarious and playful puppy but the best part about him is how he flops around when he runs. Needs to grow into those legs, amiright?! FINN has a lot of great qualities but because he’s young he’ll require training to help him become the best hound dawg he can be. He’s very loyal and wants nothing more than to be your best bud for life. Even on walks he spends most of his time looking up at you like ‘ARE YOU HAVING FUN? I HOPE SO!’ Uhhh ya he’s cute like that. Need a break from walking to just people watch? No probz, FINN will happily post up beside you on that park bench. He’s medium to high energy as he needs a couple decent walks plus some play time each day. When FINN first arrived he was scared of everything, like the outdoors and even stairs, but with the help of his foster has conquered SO MUCH! He still gets nervous with loud outside noises like trucks and construction but should be able to overcome this with continued patience. He is a barker so might not be suited to apartment living. He typically barks when you first leave him but also at his own reflection in a mirror because whyyyy is he so good looking? He’s also a chewer so make sure you have lots of toys. Unless you want a new fall wardrobe, then go ahead and leave all yo’ things out. FINN is crate trained, house trained, good on leash and learning basic commands. He would love to attend puppy classes to learn even more though because he’s super smart and wants to show off. He’s great with other dogs and absolutely LOVES kids. He hasn’t been tested with cats but with a proper intro we think he would be fine. If you’d like to welcome FINN into your family fill out an application.