10Y l M | Beagle mix | 16.5lbs | Toronto | Medium energy | Very food motivated | Dog social | Not Kid Social (preferably older) | Playful and affectionate l Independent l Hiking Buddy l Just Awesome

Meet FINLEE! This local Toronto rescue is looking for a family to call his own. FINLEE is an awesome, well mannered, MATURE mutt! Chill, easy to please, independent but loving.. what more could you want?!!! FINLEE is medium energy and will lounge around the house happily but is always down for a good walk as well especially if you’re hitting the trails. FINLEE would love a home with a backyard so he can spend as much time as possible outside but could also live in an apartment if exercised properly. FINLEE is super smart and already knows all his basic commands PLUS a few extra. He’s ready to impress you with his high five skills. He’s also fully potty trained and is ok to stay at home during the day while you go to work with no fuss. FINLEE will bark when he gets excited and wants to play (never lasts too long) but doesn't seem to bark otherwise. He’s great meeting new people and new dogs and loves to play with all his new pals as long as they want to play with him. If not, on to the next one. FINLEE has shown signs of a prey drive chasing squirrels/leaves/birds/plastic bags, so likely isn’t in the market for any new cat friends. FINLEE is very loving and affectionate and while he doesn’t need constant attention he doesn’t really want anyone stealing the spotlight. FINLEE is not suited to a home with young children but would be fine with older children who are more independent. He LOVES food. FINLEE will surf your countertops looking for snacks and will even nip at your pockets if he thinks you’re hiding donut money… Best to leave anything remotely edible out of reach completely. He’s also very attached to his bone and will bury it and move it around to make sure you can never find it. FINLEE is afraid of thunder and fireworks and has a special thunder coat that he wears to help him through the storms! If you can be his thunder buddy for life fill out an adoption application