F | 1 Y | Border Collie Mix | South Carolina | Medium energy | Gentle | Affectionate | Loves attention | Apartment dog | Great with kids | Very dog social | Learning to be ok with cats

This little lady is named FEATHER because when you snuggle her she’s so soft that it’s literally like snuggling one giant pillow made up of soft, fluffy clouds. UMM CAN WE SIGN UP FOR CUDDLES RIGHT NOW?!  FEATHER is medium energy and would be fine in an apartment, condo or house environment. She’s still young so she’s playful and puppy like. She does need training but she’s working on it in foster and is very eager to learn. It’s amazing how far she’s come in just a short time. She’s nearly mastered both crate and house training and already has some basic commands down like a pro. With support she is VERY trainable. FEATHER loves being with her people and is demanding of your attention. She’ll paw at you and if you ignore her she’ll just climb right up into your lap. What the heck is personal space anyway? She would make a great family dog because she wants all the people in the world to surround her and pet her forever. She’s also great with kids! FEATHER loves other dogs and is a great playmate at the park. She would be great as a second dog! She’s currently living with a cat and doing ok. She’ll occasionally chase them to try to play but responds well to correction. FEATHER has some issues with her back knees, displaced kneecaps, that may require surgery when she gets older. Her new fam will need to keep her on a healthy diet so her weight stays steady (fit fo’ life), and make sure that she takes joint supplements.  Plus side, she has an adorable waddle when she walks. FEATHER is currently being treated for hookworms. If you’d like to help this girl shine fill out an application.