F | 2 Y | Whippet/Lab mix | Cayman Islands | Medium energy | Very loyal | Affectionate | Knows basic commands | Very dog social | Good with kids | Not tested with cats (no prey drive)

ECCLES is an island girl but if you didn’t know that you’d think she was born and raised in Toronto! She has settled into her routine extremely well and is already a confident babe in the city, not bothered by any sights and sounds. ECCLES is quiet in the home so would be well suited to apartment or home living. She would be fine if her new humans worked 9 – 5 as she’s fine left alone either in or out of her crate. She’s extremely adaptable to pretty much any home situation as long as she’s properly exercised. She’s super chill in the home but is high energy when she’s out exploring the world. ECCLES is very dog social and would love to spend time at the dog park! She’s currently going for two shorter walks during the day with a long one after work. She loves to play fetch as well and actually brings the ball back to you so that’s a plus. ECCLES does pull on leash so will need some help with this going forward. Back at home she’s your shadow wanting to be near you as much as possible. If you have a backyard she won’t chill out there unless you guys are together. She’s extremely loyal though not overly demanding of your attention. She LOVES to snuggle but if you have other things to do she’s happy to chill at your feet. Germaphobes need not apply for ECCLES – SHE WANTS TO LICK YOUR HANDS ALL THE TIME. ECCLES would be fine as an only dog or a second dog and she’s shown zero signs of a prey drive so far so could likely live with a cat as well! ECCLES is good with kids too so she would make a great family pet. Basically this girl is looking for someone to be her new BFF and you’ll never feel more loved or appreciated in your whole life, we promise!