GUYS, MEET DUTCH. She has been in Scruff’s care for just over a month, but is undergoing intensive rehabilitation with Jess and Brent of K9 Care. In her short life of she has gone from ‘home’ to shelter and back again multiple times because her original owners didn’t know if they wanted to keep her. She had been picked up and dropped off by the SAME family three times in one year and then went through two more homes before finally finding her safe place with us.

Dutch is an incredibly sweet girl with a lot of energy and a LOT of anxiety. Because she's bounced around so much it has given unhealthy outlets for her energy. Because of this she has developed some harmful, obsessive behaviours. Her anxiety leads her to scratch and lick herself raw, and she chases shadows obsessively. She has lost all sense of how to be a dog and would be considered the weakest of the pack. Her tension has also caused a muscle strain in her back leg that flares up when she is nervous or scared which is unfortunately quite often. This keeps her from enjoying walks and limits a lot of activity. For a working and high energy breed, this is less than ideal.
Jess and Brent are working with Dutch to show her healthy outlets for energy and get rid of her harmful obsessive behaviour. This will be a long process.. and therefore expensive.. but we are committed to her anyways. So far we have put $2000 towards helping DUTCH become a happy dog again. With your help we can build on this, and make more progress with her rehabilitation. Please consider donating and giving this girl a life she deserves.