F | 6 M | Lab mix | 15lbs currently | Dominican | Low Energy | Shy at first | Playful | Awkward and adorable | Needs training | Shy to warm up | Not cat tested | Not kid tested

So did we just take Micke our SOS mascot and shrink him down to baby size? Um, ya basically. Meet DANI! This Dominican pup is here to steal your heart with her awkward but adorable personality and lanky legs that she has no clue how to use yet. DANI is very shy at first but is learning to be more social every day. While she does like to be around humans she doesn’t quite understand how to show affection and happiness. "Like ok yes I think I love you but I’m not really sure what to do about it so I’m just going to sit her and whine at you". LOVE RIGHT?! She may be slow to warm up but eventually just flops right in your lap forever. She’ll need someone who is committed to socializing her with both people and dog friends. While she seems to be unsure of dogs because there is so much new going on around her, we actually think she would be the best little sister to a friendly, good natured pup. Someone wise who can teach her all the ways of the world. Barking at other dogs = bad. Treats and snuggles = THE BEST. DANI is currently pretty low energy and sleeps A LOT but as she starts to become more adventurous this will likely change and she’ll be more medium energy. When she’s comfortable she does love a good game of fetch, and then passes out for a while because it’s a tough life being a pup. She’s a puppy so will need help with all basic training, including house training, and would love to go to puppy classes. She hasn’t been tested with cats or kids but overall seems pretty gentle so may be ok with either. Ready to meet this floppy bundle of cuteness?