2Y l 20lbs l Jack Russel Mix l Medium Energy l Dog Social l Not Cat/Kid Tested l Needs Training l Loving l Fun & Playful

Meet our newest rescue DAISY! DAISY is a medium energy girl. She has a good balance between play and chill time and is ready to follow your lead. DAISY is described by her foster as “fun, loving, energetic and cuddly”. So practically everyone’s sole mate. She is dog social but is a little shy/slow to warm up. She has not been tested with cats but does show signs of prey drive. She needs work with this as she does react to animals on leash as they are ALL her play toys! SO FLUFFY.DAISY is also described as being affectionate, curious and rambunctious. She is simply to say PUMPED about her second chance at life!! (rescues are the besttt). She is currently in an apartment and doing great but she could adjust to live in any sized space! She benefits from from at least an hour of excerise per day but more then that would make her feel the most spoiled. She is currently working on her walking skills with her foster as well as her potty training. As mentioned, she can be reactive on leash when she sees new fury friends that she can’t quite reach. As well, she is currently going to the bathroom in the house as soon as she gets in from a walk and will need continued training to help her understand the proper procedure. We definitely can help this process by having you chat with our trainer for tips and tricks. She also LOVES fetch and is entering the Olympics for speed. DAISY is an incredibly sweet girl that is looking for someone to help her with overall obedience as well as mastering some skills. She will need someone who is dedicated to help her get some gold stars, with a little encouragement, guidance and stability. She honestly just wants to show you she loves you and will do whatever it takes! If that is you, please fill out an application to ADOPT