Photo credits:
Leeor Wild


M | 1 Y | Montreal | Cocker Spaniel mix | 22lbs | Medium energy | Good apartment dog | Affectionate | Confident | A bit mischievous | Dog social | Good with kids | Maybe ok with cats

Meet COOKIE! Are you ready to have a new best friend? Super affectionate to every dog and person he meets and he becomes a part of the family instantly.  He’s very adaptable and could pretty much fit into any living situation. He would be cool living in an apartment or a house and his overall energy level is medium. COOKIE currently goes out 3 – 5 times a day, he loves long walks or just some time at the dog park to hang with his friends. After that he just wants to CHILL. He’s very confident and figures out his schedule easily so he’ll sit by the door to let you know if you’re running behind. COOKIE only works part-time security and will sometimes bark at noises outside but not during nap time or when he’s on break (snack time). Work/life balance amiright?! COOKIE is potty and crate trained but will need a bit of work with his leash skills as he occasionally pulls towards other dogs. It seems to be because he wants to say hello more than anything. He’s cool with other dogs as long as they don’t show any aggression toward him. He’s super curious about cats but might be a bit too energetic so should be tested just in case. He’d be fine with kids! COOKIE is very affectionate and would be a great companion dog but is also happy to entertain himself! COOKIE does have a bit of a mischievous streak and will sometimes pull stuff out of the garbage or steal your socks (so tasty) – so these things should be safely put away. Overall COOKIE is an amazing dog and will make his new fam very happy! If you’re interested in ADOPTING this guy fill out an application