3 l F | Shepherd Mix | Mexico | Diva | Very affectionate | Timid | Good apartment dog | Not dog, cat or kid tested

Meet STORM – a total diva looking for a posh new pad to hang her leash! (K, your place doesn’t need to be posh but she really is a diva) STORM is definitely not the outdoorsy type and is your typical girly girl. Things she does NOT care for include: mud, grass, dirt, and anything messy. She definitely sticks to the sidewalks but more than anything just wants to lounge at home. She will however want the majority of your attention. Her list of demands include: a long snuggle every morning, comfortable places to lounge with designer blankets and Egyptian cotton sheets, organic snacks, filtered water flown in from Fiji, more snuggles throughout the day, and a Netflix subscription. She is a SUPER affectionate dog and would be well suited to apartment living. She’s pretty low energy and is very nervous around new surroundings so will need help to build her confidence. It’s best to take things slow and let her warm up to situations at her own pace. She’s very scared on walks but is showing improvement every day. STORM is very quiet and doesn’t bark – the only sounds she makes are snoring (she denies this), dream noises, and a soft purring during a good cuddle sesh. She is crate trained and is almost fully potty trained. She’s learning her basic commands and seems to be very food motivated so should pick things up relatively easy. She likes women more than men but should be fine with anyone as long as there’s a proper introduction. She hasn’t really been around other dogs and is not cat or kid tested. We will keep you posted with her progress! We think she needs someone to trust and settle in with so she can open up with her fav people. If you need a beautiful new cuddle partner fill out an application