Lucy Lui


10 M | F | Mix | Mexico | High Energy | Very playful | Dog social | Learning basic commands | Likely good with kids/cats

LUCY LIU is fresh off an extended spring break in Cancun and is ready for her new life in Canada! LUCY is high energy and extremely playful. When you wake up in the morning she’s ready to greet you with a sock to kick off play time. She’s still curious about all her new surroundings and she can be a little nosey on walks, staring at anyone who walks by. She really enjoyed her first snowfall so she’ll settle into this Canadian life no probs. LUCY will need some help with her leash skills as she’s excited to go EVERYWHERE and can pull a little bit. LUCY would benefit from at least one lonnnggg walk per day or 16 baby walks. She also LOVES playing with other dogs at the dog park and can literally spend hours there. She can be a little rough with smaller dogs at first but has been good at adjusting her behaviour once she realizes she’s bigger than them. She is just too excited about life and wants to move all the ways at one time. When she’s finally ready to wind down LUCY is a great cuddle partner. She has the softest coat EVER so she can double as your BFF and comfort blanket. She loves watching movies with you and tilts her head from side to side when a dog is on screen. She’s picking up basic commands well as she’s very food motivated and now goes into her crate easily during the day. She considers herself a guard dog and will let out a low growl or small bark when she hears noises in the home. LUCY loves having people around and will even want to eat her dinner right beside you. Most adorable dinner date ever. If you’d like to meet LUCY please fill out an adoption applicatio