Fred Astaire


1 Y | M | 35lbs | Border Collie/Hound | St. Maarten | Chill | Anxious/Fearful | Very Sweet | Affectionate | Needs Training/ Ongoing Support w Dogs/Humans | No cats l Not kid friendly

FRED ASTAIRE is about to win you over with his super sweet puppy dog eyes that melt your soul! He is ALL limbs and will often just spread out doing his best Bambi on ice. Also, he might be part meerkat as he stands right up on his hind legs when curious! FRED is settling into his new life and for the most part is relaxed and chill while at home. FRED is medium energy and currently enjoys 2 walks daily but would make a great jogging partner! He enjoys frolicking in the park chasing sticks, squirrels and loves a good antler! Don’t like mornings? FRED might change that! He will wait for your alarm to go off and then nudge you to get up! FRED is adjusting to the downtown life but would be best suited somewhere more residential and quiet as he is very anxious and gets frightened easily in new surroundings and around new people. Although he’s VERY attached to his chosen humans FRED is still apprehensive of new people and will need help with his socialization skills.Though he may never be the dog a stranger can pet, he will slowly warm up to friends and family but will need introductions. FRED is also best suited to a quieter home with no children.FRED also needs socialization with other dogs as he is currently not a fan of most dogs and will bark/growl and lunge during walks .. unless you’re a puppy, he LOVES puppies! Since being in foster care FRED has had some formal training sessions and would benefit from continual training to build his confidence and social skills. He would likely do well as a second dog with a family that already has a non-reactive dog that can teach him the ropes on how amazing doggie (and human) friends can be!! FRED is gentle, eager to please, knows all of his basic commands, is super smart, listens to corrections and is a total goofball. He’s potty and crate trained but is awesome left to roam the home! Help FRED build his confidence! If you’d like to meet FRED fill out an application.